Monday, January 08, 2007

Adult Day

Today is Seijin no Hi, or "Adult Day", in Japan. This is the day that 20 year olds are officially recognized as adults. Girls and boys will dress in kimono and attend many events throughout the day.

One reason Debe's sister, Stephanie, came to visit was to take part in her Seijin no Hi.

At W2, Pastor Tim (with Kayo translating) prayed for God's blessing on their life. Stephanie on the left, Tamiko is on the right.


B in Kyushu said...

I didn't know Debe had another younger sister! I can't wait til next year for my seijinshiki, so I can wear a kimono! ;).

The Pallmanns said...

Hey Bobby,
I actually have 3 (and a younger stepsister too!) Hey, you can come out to Okinawa next winter and join us for your seijinshiki. ;)