Sunday, September 03, 2006

Nani Gata?

Nani Gata?, or What's your blood type? is a common question in Japan. Not only can everyone tell you their type of blood, but they can also tell you what it means.

In Japan, there is the belief that the type of blood you have determines your personality:
  • Are you the reserved, punctual, rule following type? Then you are likely "A" type, the most common type in Japan.
  • Or, are you more creative and passionate. A lover of animals, even. You must be a "B".
  • Got "O" flowing through those veins? You are the confident, athletic, natural leader that the rest of us envy.
  • What is left? Oh, the "AB", the cool, controlled, popular type.
Maybe, like me, you look at this as a bunch of bunk. Many here do consider this important, to the point of not marrying someone based solely on their blood type.

Well, I am tempted next time to tell someone that I am type "C" -- that Christ's blood has washed me clean from my sins, just to see what they say!


B in Kyushu said...

Are you sure it's baloney? I happen to be type O and resemble all those traits that you mentioned! hahaha!

Well, I like the type C option though!

e3missions said...

That was a cool article that you posted. I always love reading your stuff.
Pastor Tommy

George Sedota said...

Type "C" for me bro!